Housewarming Gifts For People Who Are Foodies

When you are invited to a friends housewarming party, it is polite to bring a gift. Most people find that it is appropriate to bring something that is going to be useful for the person's new home. So, kitchen essentials and other gifts tend to be a popular gift choice. However, it can be challenging to pick something that is both useful for the friends new home but also fun. But there are plenty of nice things you can get that are both useful as well as really fun. Here are a few options that you can choose from that are perfect housewarming gifts for people who are foodies.  

A Cold-Press Juicer

A cold-press juicer is an amazing housewarming gift. Not many people will have one of these juicers unless they are already really into making fresh juice. These juicers are used not just to make delicious and healthy fresh juices, but they can be used to make incredibly fresh bases for broths as well as healthy and organic desserts, such as sorbets made from berries. These juicers are a bit more pricey than your typical juicers that do not have a slow-press design that produces the highly praised cold-pressed juice.

A Coffee Gift Box Subscription

If your friends are the type who really love high-end coffee, then you have some amazing coffee gift options. While they might already have a coffee machine, you could buy them a coffee gift box subscription. These will be fantastic because they deliver rare and gourmet coffees for your friends to use with their own personal coffee machine. The coffee box subscriptions will be delivered monthly and will have a variety of coffees. You might choose from single-source coffees or a variety of different roasts.

If your friends don't happen to already have a quality coffee pot, you could always find a nice coffee gift box company that would also come with an introductory Moka pot or other design of coffee pot that is perfect for those who want to make quality coffee.

A Sous Vide Machine

Finally, if your friends love to cook gourmet meat, then a sous vide machine is a perfect gift. These are used to cook meats in a sealed bag in hot water. Inside the bag, broth and other flavoring agents are therefore sealed in with the meats and won't be lost in the cooking process. These can be very pricey, so you should definitely make sure that your friend doesn't have one already and that they like to cook meats such as pork and steak, which are two of the primary meats used in sous vide machines.