Adding Tea To Your Health Food Store's Selection

If you own a health food store and are looking for ways to bring in more customers, adding tea to your lineup is a great idea. Many people who are looking for healthier alternatives to coffee and hot chocolate drink tea. Certain teas and herbal teas are also known to have various health benefits. So, what tips should you keep in mind as you add tea to your health food store's selection of products? Take a look.

Include Some Bagged Teas

Loose-leaf teas do tend to be of better quality, and a lot of your customers are likely to prefer them. But you should absolutely offer some bagged teas in addition to loose-leaf teas. Bagged teas are easier to brew and are therefore appealing to customers who are new to tea. They also don't require any special equipment to brew, which makes them an option for customers with more limited kitchen setups. There are some good brands of bagged tea out there. The larger the pieces of tea in the bag, the better the quality.

Offer Black, Green, and White

Green tea is best known for its health benefits. However, there are people who drink black tea because it contains certain antioxidants, and there are also people who prefer white tea for its flavor. To ensure you fit all customers' tastes, make sure you offer all three. You may, however, want to offer more varieties of green tea than white or black tea.

Don't Hesitate to Include Herbal Teas

If you have the space on your shelves for more than a couple of tea products, consider offering some herbal teas, too. They are not real tea, but they can have health benefits and are therefore likely to appeal to your customers. Some well-known, therapeutic herbal teas to include are:

  • Chamomile, which is known for its relaxing benefits
  • Ginger, which can help calm the stomach
  • Peppermint, which can enhance digestion and calm heartburn
  • Hibiscus, which is good for the heart and blood vessels
  • Sage, which may protect cognitive function and memory
  • Rosehip, which is good for weight maintenance

If you add tea to the shelves at your health food store, it won't be long before customers take notice. Implement the tips above, and consider asking your regular customers for more feedback. They may have additional types of tea they'd like to see on your shelves. 

For more info about how to buy retail tea, contact a local company.