3 Uses For Bulk Honey Roasted Pecans In Your Home Kitchen

Nuts are a versatile ingredient in any cook's kitchen, and everyone is accustomed to the basics. You can put nuts of all kinds in cookies, bread, and granola. However, in most cases, people use original dry roasted nuts in their baking efforts. What you may not realize is that you can also use honey roasted nuts, such as honey roasted pecans, in a lot of different baking applications. Here's a look at some of the different ways you can use honey-roasted pecans in your kitchen.

A Crust For Pudding Pie

When you're making a banana cream or vanilla pudding pie, many people opt for a graham cracker crust or a crust made with ground almond. You can give your crust a whole different flavor and texture by using honey-roasted pecans ground up with the graham cracker, cookie, or other crumb components of the crust.

Honey-roasted pecans will add an extra touch of sweetness, so you can reduce any granulated sugar in the crust. Additionally, the sweet and salty coating with the roasted nuts will give your pie crust a deeper, richer flavor that will be a nice complement to any pie.

An Addition To Shortbread Recipes

Ground to a nut flour consistency, honey roasted pecans will be a nice texture and body addition to any shortbread recipe, from cookies to crusts. The sweet, buttery notes of the pecans paired with the honey from the roasting process will enhance shortbread and give it a more toasted, buttery, sweet flavor. 

This will make a nice contrast to the traditional bland shortbread flavor, and you can control the flavor enhancement level by adjusting how much flour you replace with the ground pecans. Start with a quarter of the flour and work up to as much as half. Don't replace more than half in a shortbread recipe, though. You'll want half of that flour for the structure and gluten necessary to keep the shortbread consistency.

An Enhanced Pecan Pie

Traditional pecan pie filling calls for standard shelled pecans, eggs, butter, and sugar. In most recipes, the sugar is a mixture of corn syrup and granulated sugar. If you want to make a pecan pie that will keep everybody talking, replace the corn syrup with honey and use honey-roasted pecans in your pie instead of standard shelled pecans. You'll get the notes of the floral undertones from the honey as well as the roasted, sweet and salty combination from the honey roasted pecans. This will create a pecan pie with a depth of flavor that's far beyond the traditional.

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