Helpful Tips to Prepare for the Tasting with Your Wedding Caterer

If you are planning on hiring a caterer to cater your wedding, then you might be planning on attending a tasting with the wedding caterer. As you probably already know, this is a way that you can sample some of the foods that the caterer might serve at your wedding. If it's your first time attending one of these tastings, these tips can help you a lot with preparing for the experience.

Communicate With Your Caterer Beforehand

To help ensure that the tasting menu is based on foods that you might actually be interested in serving at your wedding, you should make sure that you communicate with the caterer beforehand. This can help them plan out the perfect tasting menu. For example, you should let them know about dietary restrictions and food preferences. You'll probably want to talk to them about your budget and any ideas that you have in mind for your wedding day menu, for example.

Schedule Your Tasting Well in Advance

You may want to do a tasting with a few different wedding caterers before you actually make your selection. Even if you're pretty sure that you're going to go with one caterer, you'll probably want to give them plenty of advance notice. Because of these two things, you should not wait until the last minute to schedule your tasting. In fact, you should schedule it months before your wedding if at all possible. If it's a last-minute situation, then you should let the caterer know about this when scheduling your tasting.

Make Sure You're Hungry

Many caterers serve a surprising amount of food when hosting a tasting, and you'll definitely want to sample everything. Therefore, you probably will not want to eat before the tasting.

Bring Someone With You

You will probably want to bring your spouse-to-be along with you to the tasting. Additionally, you may want to bring a parent or a close friend. Ask the caterer about how many people you can bring with you; typically, you can bring two to four people along. If you choose to bring additional people with you, you might have to pay a per-person charge for the food costs.

Be Honest About Your Opinion

The whole point of having a tasting with your wedding caterer is so that you can pick the food that you're going to serve at your wedding. Therefore, if you don't like something, don't be afraid to speak up. This can help you ensure that your wedding day menu is something that you and your guests will all be able to enjoy.

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