Tips For Buying Frozen Custard Mix For Your Ice Cream Shop

If you own an ice cream shop, you probably have a good number of customers coming in and asking for custard. However, making your own frozen custard is not easy, and it's quite a different process from making hard ice cream. Many ice cream shops address this issue by buying pre-made frozen custard mix that they then freeze and dispense in-store. If you are thinking of taking this approach, here are some tips to keep in mind.

1. Keep your flavor options limited.

Most custard dispensing machines only have two compartments. This means you can dispense two different flavors at once. Some setups have a "swirl" lever in the middle that mixes both flavors together. Keep this in mind as you shop for frozen custard mix. If you buy more than two flavors, you won't have them all for sale at once; you'll be rotating through them. If you'd rather offer the same, consistent selection for your customers, then you'll need to choose two flavors to stick with. Chocolate and vanilla are classic options. You can't really go wrong with these two since most customers will expect you to have them. If you happen to have more than one custard machine or a setup with more than two compartments, then you can expand your flavor options. 

2. Check how quickly opened containers need to be used.

Does the custard mix have to be frozen or used within one week of opening, or can it sit for two weeks? Check how soon it has to be used after opening. You may have to reach out to the vendor and ask this question. This tells you how quickly you'll need to go through the custard. For example, if you're looking at a 5-gallon container of the mix, but it has to be used within one week and your sales are low, you may want to look for smaller, 1-gallon containers instead. 

3. For creativity, go with the unflavored mix.

Do you feel the need to make the custard seem more "homemade"? An easy way to approach this is to buy some unflavored frozen custard mix. Most vendors who sell custard mix have this. Then, you can add flavorings to the mix yourself, which will make it more original and creative. This is still so much easier than making custard from scratch, in-house.

If you follow the tips above, you should have an easier time buying and using frozen custard mix in your ice cream shop.